Ingot Mold Train

Ingot Mold Train

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The 58's Whistles

When built the J&L locomotives came equipped with 2" whistles placed at the front right corner of the saddle tank.  The one good photo that we have of the 58 in service shows a 2" three chime whistle, which looks very similar to Nick Hovey's three chime Crosby.  Nick has loaned to us the Crosby which will be placed on the 58 as our primary whistle.

However, we also wanted to place a second, larger whistle on the locomotive.  Fitting the bill for this is a cast iron five chime that came to us as part of the trade to the Lake Shore Railway Museum for an 80 ton GE locomotive.  This whistle is an oddity, and we think it may have originally came from a railway in Africa.  To mount this whistle a new bracket had to be welded on top of the saddle tank.  When the saddle tank is placed on the locomotive a flexible steam line will be installed to connect it to the steam dome. 

We tested the five chime on steam this past weekend, and it sounds very good! 

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