Ingot Mold Train

Ingot Mold Train

Thursday, January 21, 2016

J&L 62 in Colorado

Four of the J&L 0-4-0Ts still exist in various locations across North America.  One of them, J&L 62, resides in Colorado in private ownership.

J&LNG crew member Nick Hovey was able to visit the 62 last summer, and here are some photos of it in its current condition.  The locomotive was purchased direct from J&L, brought to Colorado and stored inside, so it has much less corrosion damage than 58 as well as retains many of its original fixtures.

 The reverse quadrant on the later versions have a few more notches, as opposed the the 58's three notches.  We will be adding the additional notches to the 58.

 Drifter valve
 Thick tires
 The original Garfield injector
 Backhead badge plate
 Safety valves

 Non movable grates

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